GITAM, Department of Engineering Physics

1st Semester Syllabus


 Heat and work -  First law of thermodynamics and applications- reversible and irreversible processes -  Carnot’s cycle and efficiency - Second law of thermodynamics - Carnot’s theorem  -  Entropy  -  Entropy in reversible and irreversible processes -  Entropy and Second law  -  Entropy and disorder -  Entropy and probability  -  Third law of thermodynamics.                                       


Concept of Electric flux – Gauss’s law , Gauss’s law and Coulomb’s law , Gauss’s law applications, Magnetic field – Magnetic force on current – Torque on a current loop – Hall effect – Ampere’s law –  Magnetic induction for a Solenoid and a toroid - force between two parallel conductors – Biot – Savart’s law – Magnetic induction near a long wire  - Magnetic induction for a Circular loop – Faraday’s law of induction – Lenz’s law – Inductance – Calculation of inductance – Inductance for a solenoid, toroid - LR circuit – Induced magnetic fields – Displacement current – Maxwell’s equations.


Interference :-Introduction – Interference in thin films – Wedge shaped film – Newton’s rings – Michelson’s Interferometer and its applications.

Diffraction :- Introduction - Differences between Fresnel and Fraunhofer diffractions -  Single slit diffraction ( Qualitative and quantitative treatment) – Differences between interference and diffraction.

Polarisation:- Introduction – double refraction –Negative crystals & Positive crystals -  Nicol’s prism – Quarter wave plate and half wave plate – Production and detection of circularly  and elliptically  polarised lights.                                                                                            

IV. LASER and Fibre Optics:

 Introduction - Spontaneous and stimulated emissions – Population inversion – Ruby Laser – He-Ne Laser – Semiconductor Laser – Applications – Fibre optics – Optical fibre and total internal reflection – Acceptance angle and Cone of a fibre – Fibre optics in communications – Optical paths in fibre – applications.           


 Introduction -  Production of Ultrasonics  by Magnetostriction and Piezo-electric effects – Detection and applications of Ultrasonics.


Text Books :

(1) Physics part I & II        By Robert Resnick and David Holliday                  

(2) Engineering Physics    By R.K.Gaur and S.L.Gupta

(3) A text book of Engineering Physics By B.L.Theraja

(4) A text book of Engineering Physics By P.G.Kshirsagar and M.N.Avadhanulu                            

(5) Heat and Thermodynamics By J.B.Rajam and C.L.Arora