Journal of the Indian Roads Congress

Volume 66-2

Paper No. 512
"Rigid Pavement Construction Technology for Mumbai-Pune Expressway"
S.S. Momin, P.L. Bongirwar & V. R. Kulkarni

Paper No. 513
"Evaluation of Pavement Failure and Its Retrofication Analysis in the North-Eastern Region of India"
Dr. Shambhu Sinha

Paper No. 514
"Study of Polymer and Fibre Modified Open Graded Friction Courses"
R. Sridhar, S.N. Suresha, Dr. Sunil Bose & Pro. A. Veeraragavan

Paper No. 515
"Urban Improvements Along the Gujarat State Highway Projects : Issues & Solutions"
S.S. Rathore, Andrew, M. Bogle & Keyur A. Patel

Paper No. 516
"Design of Lead-Rubber Bearings for Use in Seismic Isolation of Highway Bridges"
Dr. Lakshmy Parameswaran, Dr. Ram Kumar & M.V.B Rao.