Highway Research Bulletin

YEAR 2005
Bulletin No. 72 - June, 2005

1. Effect of wearing course composition on skid resistance

    Dr. S.S. Jain, Dr. Praveen Kumar & Mukesh Kumar

2. Resilient behavior of reinforced subbase material
    Moustafa Ahmed Kamel, Dr. Satish Chandra & Dr. Praveen Kumar

3. Assessing polishing susceptibility of aggregates through accelerated polising test - some case studies
    Sudesh Kumar, B.S. Rao, Poonam Singh, R.K. Srivastava & Dr. P.K. Nanda

4. Flexural fatigue of plain concrete under compound of loading
    Dr. Y.P. Joshi, Dr. Nirjhar Dhang & Dr. B.B. Pandey

1. Integration of modes : key to sustainable public transportation systems

    Dr. D. Allopi & Prof. A.K. Sarkar

2. Noise impact Assessment for highway projects in GIS framework - A case study
    M.L. Agrawal, B. Maitra, M.K. Ghose & S.K. Paul
1. Seismic modeling of RCC bridge using SAP2000

    Atop Lego & Damodar Maity