Highway Research Bulletin

YEAR 2005
Bulletin No. 73 - October, 2005

1. Use of Reinforced Flyash in Highway Embankments

    Dr. Praveen Kumar, Dr. H.C. Mehndiratta & Siddhartha Rokade

2. Behaviour of Reinforced Soil under Cyclic Loading
    Dr. R.K. Sharma

3. Modeling of Water Bound Macadam behaviour under Triaxial Loading using HISS Model
    Praveen Aggarwal

4. Warping Stresses in Concrete Pavements – A Re-examination
    Dr. B.B. Pandey

5. Nonlinear analysis of Multilayered Flexible Pavement by Finite Element Method
    A.U. Ravi Shankar, P.C. Naveena & Krishnamoorthy

6. Assessment of Suitability of Coralline Sand-Cement Mixes for Base/Subbase Courses
    R.K. Dutta & G. Venkatappa Rao

7. A Rational Approach for Design of Flexible Overlays for Indian Highways
    M. Amaranatha Reddy, K. Sudhakar Reddy & B.B. Pandey

8. Characterization of Bituminous Paving Mixes under Repeated Load Indirect Tensile Tests
    V.S. Punith, M.P.S. Reddy & Dr. A. Veeraragavan

9. Evaluation and Rating of three filler Types Used in Nigeria’s Asphalt Paving Mixtures
    F.C. Emesiobi, T.M. Oguara & J.U. Danjuma

10. Performance Study and usage Guidelines for Maintenance of Urban Roads Using Microsurfacing         Technology     
        Dr. P.K. Jain, Sanjay Deori, Sunil Jain, Rampal & Prof. P.K. Sikdar

11. Relationship between Rheological and Empirical Properties of Bitumen
      Dr. H.C. Mehndiratta, Dr. Praveen Kumar, Anil Durga Prasad Borapureddy & Kh. Lakshman Singh

1. Multi-Modal Advanced Traveller Information System for Delhi Metro

    Dr. Praveen Kumar, Atul Agarwal & N.S.S. Yoganand

2. Application of Genetic Algorithms in Urban Transit Route Network Design
    M. Satyakumar & Mary Smitha Theophilus
1. Computation of Rotational Capacity of Hinging Regions in a RC T-Beam Bridge Girder Under the Combined     Influence of Flexure and Torsion

    Dr. Sulata Kayal