Highway Research Record

Design of Fly Ash Embankment for Widening of Marginal Road Bund from GT Road-to-Road No. 59

Date of Start: March 2004
(i) Central Road Research Institute, New Delhi (R)
(ii) Public Works Department, Delhi (S, I)

Present Status and Progress
Construction of fly ash embankment under the supervision of Public Works Department is in progress. Suggestions for improvement in the quality of work during construction have been provided during intermittent periods.

Findings / Conclusions
Retaining walls of different heights were designed at the toe of the embankment. Variation in the height was due to variation in the Right Of Way (ROW) at different chainages. A filter material of about 0.6 m was provided behind and throughout the depth of retaining wall. Chute and energy dissipation basin was suggested to be constructed on the slope as per IRC: SP-50.

Proper gradation of proposed filter material is very much essential. Poor gradation would result in clogging of the filter media. Proper surface and subsurface drainage of water is essential to prevent erosion of fly ash embankment.