Highway Research Record

Creation of National Test facility, Formulation of Guidelines, Specifications, manual of Practice for Design and Execution of Expansion Joints

Date of Start:April 2004
(i) Central Road Research Institute, New Delhi (R)
(ii) MoSRT&H (I)

Scope and Objectives
The project aims to develop the testing facilities to evaluate bridge deck joints at CRRI Dynamic cum Heavy Testing Laboratory at Ghaziabad. Field testing of expansion joints is not always feasible due to the high cost of testing and problem of traffic interruptions. In view of this, laboratory testing of expansion joints is preferable.

(i) Literature survey and study visit to the existing test facilities abroad to compile the actual requirements of the equipment. (ii) Identification of equipments to be installed for the expansion joint testing.
(iii) Procurement of equipments.
(iv) Installation and commissioning of the acquired equipments.
(v) Training on the installed equipments.
(vi) Testing of the expansion joint assemblies, report preparation and development of guidelines for design and installation.

Significance / utilization potential
Creation of such a National Test Facility in the country will help to devise rationalized acceptance criteria for bridge expansion joints before their installation in field. This will ensure better field performance throughout the service life of expansion joints and would encourage the manufactures to produce innovative expansion joints indigenously.