Highway Research Record

Construction of Pedestrian Subway near Bus Stand/Bank of India Crossing, Govindgarh, Punjab

Duration:March 2004 to October 2004
Central Road Research Institute, New Delhi (R, I)

Present Status and Progress

The Study has been completed and Report Submitted.

Extensive traffic studies were conducted near bus stand area of Govindgarh on NH –1 for a period of 24 hour /16 hour to understand the traffic operations and related problems on a normal working day. The peak hour traffic was observed to be 3500 vehicles per hour and the peak hour pedestrian flow crossing the NH-1 is about 830 persons. Peak value of hazard index is found to be 115.6 x 108 for the total pedestrian crossing on NH-1. It was found that Hazard Index (HI) is more than the critical value of 2x108 for warranting the provision of controlled pedestrian facility. As per the IRC guidelines on provision of pedestrian facilities, pedestrian subway is justified across the Highway. In order to segregate the vulnerable users from fast moving vehicles a subway has to be provided near the bus stand of Govindgarh. Different alternatives (i.e. only pedestrian subway and pedestrian subway with light fast vehicles etc.) were considered for efficient circulation of traffic. Alternatively, exclusive pedestrian signal on NH-1 has to be provided with 30 to 45 second green time with cycle time of maximum 5 minute. In order to evaluate economic viability of providing pedestrian subways, cost-benefit analysis has been carried out for alternative options of subways and signal, taking into consideration the cost of construction of subways and time losses and losses because of increase in vehicle operating cost due to the installation of signal. EIRR is found to be 52.8% for 15 year period which indicates that construction of pedestrian subway is economically viable. As per funding required for the projects to be economically viable, EIRR should be more than 16%. It is, therefore, recommended to provide a pedestrian subway across the NH-1, near the bus stand. Accordingly the detailed design, BOQ and the cost estimates are worked out for pedestrian subway.

Reports/ Publications
Technical report has been prepared and submitted to NHAI.