Highway Research Record

Feasibility Study for Providing Subway for Right Turning Traffic on Netaji Subhash Marg near Parade Ground

Duration:September 2004 to February 2005
Central Road Research Institute, New Delhi (R, I)

Present Status and Progress

The Study has been completed and Report Submitted.

The total traffic on the Meena Bazar Road was observed to be about 25,000 vehicles for 16 hours. Presently the right turning traffic from Meena Bazar is going through the service road and the intersection with blinker. The peak hour traffic has been observed to be about 800 vehicles in the evening (7.00pm to 8.00pm). Once the underpass is built there will be changes in the route of the road user and more traffic is likely to use the facility due to reduced delays and uninterrupted flow etc. Therefore, in order to estimate the traffic that is likely to use the underpass different scenarios were considered. It has been estimated that about 2000 vehicles will be turning to use underpass during peak hour. Further, in order to evaluate economic viability of providing underpass for right turning traffic from Meena Bazar Road, cost-benefit analysis has been carried out for two alternatives i.e. do nothing scenario and the scenario developed after the provision of underpass. In do nothing scenario, it is assumed that the right turning traffic moves through the service road at a speed of 8 km/hr and turns right at the median cut with blinker. This not only results in delays but also causes reduction in speed to all vehicles. It is estimated that there is a total saving of Rs. 32,000/- per day which amounts to about Rs. 96 lakhs per annum. Further, the total delay at the intersection (if signalized) is going to be about 450 hours on a normal working day which would result in a loss of about Rs. 8579/- per day or Rs. 2.57 lakhs per annum due to the fuel lost during idling of the vehicles at the intersection. EIRR for 15 years return period is found to be 46.2% which indicates that construction of underpass is economically viable even when the value of time is not taken into consideration. The traffic circulation plan along with the GAD of the underpass has been prepared.

A better gradient for the right turning underpass (subway) could not be provided due to non-availability of land.

Further studies over a larger area may be carried out to provide alternative routes for traffic circulation.

Reports/ Publications
Technical report has been prepared and submitted to MCD, Delhi.