Highway Research Record

Feasibility Study for Integrated Development of Kottappuram – Chettuva Stretch of West Coast Canal in Kerala

Duration:April 2004 to March 2005
National Transportation Planning and Research Centre, Thiruvananthapuram (R)

Scope and Objectives

The project is to demonstrate the viability of a multi - model integrated development of the waterways and adjoining areas to harness the potential of the system and to make it sustainable.

The study area selected is Kottappuram - Chettuva stretch (53 km) which is the immediate extension of NW 3 towards the North. The study stretch when developed will facilitate continuous navigation between Kollam and Chettuva (221 km). Primary surveys, such as origin and destination surveys for goods traffic, and passenger surveys to determine the shift to waterways from other modes was carried out. The location of landings and related details, the width of the waterway at frequent intervals and critical stretches from the point of navigation were identified.

Findings and Conclusions
Proposals for integrated development of the canal aims at increased cargo movements, passenger transport and tourist traffic, economic development of the adjoining areas to trigger the usage of the canal, enhanced facilities and better connectivity to tourist locations, service centers and growth centers and improvement of the industries.

Significance/Utilisation Potential
Integrated development would result in overall development of the area and the maximum use of the canal which other wise will be dysfunctional and become health hazard. Diversion of the cargo from road to canal will result in decongesting the road and economy in fuel consumption.


Demonstration of the project.