Highway Research Record

Study of Truck Transportation on NH-4 Connecting Chennai

Duration:July 2003 to May 2004
Highways Research Station, Chennai (R)

Present Status and Progress

Scheme has been completed and report prepared.

Findings/ Conclusions
The movement of trucks on NH-4 is heavy and the majority of the trucks carry industrial goods to and fro from Chennai. Most of these trucks carry Petroleum product out of Chennai.

(i) The roads connecting NH – 4, Inner Ring Road and Chennai Bypass are wider than the NH – 4 (study stretch). The National     Highways road has to be of the same width as the connecting / branching road. Hence, the NH-4 has to be widened as a     eight lane divided carriage way.
(ii) Pedestrian crossing facilities at the survey point km10/1 of NH – 4 should be provided, since the branching minor road at      this location leads to Rail Nagar / Mogappair residential areas have heavy pedestrian and more crossing traffic.
(iii) Enforcement problems – 12.2%, road deficiencies – 6.6% and traffic congestion – 3.3% are the major problems faced by      the drivers using NH – 4. Efforts should be taken to minimize the above difficulties and deficiencies
(iv) Adequate lighting should also be provided at km 10/1 of NH – 4 as per IS: 1944 (Parts I and II) – 1970.
(v) Parking spaces for the trucks should be provided to get their goods loaded and unloaded at the origin and destination      points in the outskirts of the Chennai City. This will reduce the congestion on Metropolitan roads especially in North      Chennai which arises mainly due to roadside parking of trucks in this area.
(vi) The vision problem is the major problem faced by the senior drivers. The elderly driver’s reactions to traffic situations are       also much slower. The physical fitness certificate for the drivers above 40 years should be made compulsory.
(vii) The movement of trucks from Andhra Pradesh, North and the North Eastern part of the country into NH – 4 (12.3%) and       vice versa (19.6%) is the maximum. Hence the NH – 4 and NH – 5 may be connected through Chennai Bypass for the       easy  movement of trucks.
(viii) The dimension of the transport vehicles should be as per the Central Motor Vehicles rules.
(ix) The overloading and over speeding of the vehicles should be checked periodically for the effective maintenance of the        pavement.
(x) The use of trucks above 15 years of age – (15%) should be discouraged through extra fee charging methods, which in       turn will give less pollutions and emissions.
(xi) Spare drivers should be made compulsory for the vehicles running above 500 kms.
(xii) To overcome the fatigue stress caused due to the long journey, proper wayside amenities should be developed along the       highway, consisting of all the basic facilities needed for the driver, to relieve himself from stress.