Highway Research Record

Problems of Transport Industry in Kerala

Duration:June 2004 to March 2005
National Transportation Planning and Research Centre, Thiruvananthapuram (R)

Scope and Objectives
The objective of this study is to identify the problems faced by the transport industry. The study is restricted to following segments of the transport industry,
(i) Public Transport Operators,
(ii) Freight Transport Operators,
(iii) Para – Transit Operators and
(iv) Manufacturers of Trucks and Boats.


(i) Literature Review.
(ii) Preparation of the questionnaire.
(iii) Data collection through the questionnaire.
(iv) Data Analysis .
(v) Compilation of the Report.

It can be concluded from the study that the following are some of the problems faced by the transport industry in Kerala,
(i) Narrow Roads.
(ii) Lack of control on issuance of permits.
(iii) The reimbursement of insurance is very slow.
(iv) The bus fares are not revised periodically.
(v) The issuance of permits is not controlled.
(vi) The roads are not maintained periodically.

Utilisation Potential
This study tries to identify the problems of transport industry in Kerala, which can be used to address these problems and make the transport industry more efficient. Other States of the country can also think of identifying problems faced by their transport industry and try to solve it.

The following recommendations can be made based on the problems studied,
(i) The roads need to be improved and properly maintained.
(ii) There should be a periodic review of fares of buses, auto rickshaws and taxies.
(iii) Student concession passes should be issued only to those students who are economically backward.
(iv) The reimbursement of insurance should be faster.
(v) Parking facilities should be provided for Buses, Trucks, Cars, Auto rickshaws, Taxis, two wheelers etc.,
(vi) Trade union activity of head loaders should be stopped.
(vii) Curbing of overloading of trucks and passenger vehicles.
(viii) Proper control on the issue of permits.
(ix) Transport Sector should be declared as an industry.