Highway Research Record

Pedestrian Safety at Chennai Mofussil Bus Terminus, Koyambedu, Chennai

Duration:July 2003 to April 2004
Highways Research Station, Chennai (R)

Present Status and Progress

Scheme completed and report prepared

Findings/ Conclusions
The study explicitly shows that immediate attention should be made towards the Safety of Pedestrians at CMBT on Inner Ring Road. The limited available urban road space is to be shared appropriately for all road users. Hence Highways and Transportation related projects should be made to include the Highways Research Station facilities and Highway Engineers to analyses the importance of Engineering elements and road user facilities for a no compromise technical solution


(i) The pedestrian volume, the vehicular volume with increase in accident numbers emphasis that priority of exclusive      pedestrian walk facilities should not be undermined.
(ii) Providing a foot overbridge on Inner Ring Road at Chennai Mofussil Bus Terminus immediately will save the human live and     fulfilling both economy and viability.
(iii) Providing a Grade separated pedestrian facilities will prevent loss in fuel cost, pollution hazards as direct cost and road user      delay cost, national economy as indirect cost.
(iv) Bus stops should be located such that the alighting passengers should not be left out in the middle of the streaming      traffic.
(v) Adequate lighting facilities should be provided to sight the crossing pedestrians and markings. (vi) Adequate number of       signboards regarding the pedestrians crossing should be erected properly as per IRC 67 – 2001. Gantry signs will serve this       purpose in a better way.
(vii) Pedestrian crossing number II should be eliminated and proper footpath with guardrails should be erected along both sides       of Inner Ring Road up to crossing No.1.