Highway Research Record

Special Campaign on Aerosols – Land Based Pilot Study (ISRO – GBP Programme)

Date of Start:Jan. 2004

Present Status and Progress

Campaigns for trace gases, radiation and aerosols measurements under ISRO-GBP’s land-based studies have been conceived to get the simultaneous observations of aerosol optical parameters, meteorology, and air quality on temporal and special scale first time in India. The data will be extremely valuable for models for predictions and reliability. During planning meeting of ISRO-GBP core group and key participants from various institutions for undertaking the road based campaigns by various groups, It was suggested that NPL New Delhi and CRRI New Delhi jointly may undertake study of radiation, aerosols and atmospheric trace gases for Delhi-Hyderabad-Delhi corridor.
In view of above following objectives were decided;
• To measure regional levels of air pollutants
• To study temporal and spatial variations understand their linkages with physical, chemical and dynamical processes.
• To study their impact on regional environment.
• Measurement and monitoring of air pollutant levels at different sites Analysis and evaluation of the data
Presently the second part of the campaign has been completed on Jan. 2005; further data analysis and draft report preparation is under progress

Work under progress

Recommendation for further Work
The current focus is on environmental changes as the anthropogenic emissions of various gases are increasing. Pollutants in the atmosphere can affect weather, environment and climate. Aerosols can affect cloudiness and precipitation (Rosenfeld, 2000; Menon et al., 2002). In turn, meteorological parameters can also affect sources, chemical transformations, transport, and deposition of air pollutants. Our understanding of many of these chemistry-radiation-transport-climate linkages is very poor. This study will help In increasing our understanding of above phenomenon which in turn will help in formulating suitable mitigative and control measures. Thus it will be beneficial to society in general.