Highway Research Record

Nationally Coordinated Project – Road Traffic Safety

Date of Start:June 2002
(i) Centre of Transportation Engineering, Civil Engineering Department, Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee (R)
(ii) University Visvesvaraya College of Engineering, Bangalore University, Bangalore (I)

Present Status and Progress
The Network of Rural (Non – Urban) highways have been identified. Past accident data collection for the network is complete. Data analysis for NH-58, the longest of the selected section is over and accident black spots have been identified. Work of data analysis for other highways and urban areas is in progress.

Findings/ Conclusions
(i) At most of the problem locations the spot speed is high which is a main cause for accidents.
(ii) The pedestrian flow along and across the highway is very high. This is due to ribbon development and roadside shops and      “dhabas” (local hotels) for the convenience of the highway users.
(iii) The shoulders are encroached by the roadside shop owners and effective pavement width is reduced as a result.
(iv) The traffic volume is very high and of mixed type, comprising of animal drawn carts, non-motorised and motorised vehicles. (v) Road Geometry needs to be improved at black spot locations.

(i) The conclusions are based on the secondary data. On several occasions the accident is not reported to the authorities and matter is settled mutually. This is a major limitation on accident analysis.

(ii) As the policemen recording the accident is not trained enough to record the accident statistic properly, at times the important information that could be vital for the analysis is missed.

(iii) Uniformity in maintaining the accident data is important that will help to have a better analysis leading to effective corrective measures to mitigate the accidents.

(iv) Policeman attending the accident vaguely mention the accident location whereas knowledge of exact location is important for analysis and counter measure.


The work is in progress.

Reports/ Publications
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