Highway Research Record

Performance Based Design Methodology for Rural Roads in Uttaranchal

Date of Start:June 2004
Civil Engineering Department, Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee (R, I)

Scope and Objective
(i) To classify the rural road sections constructed under different scheme and PMGSY in Uttaranchal, on the basis of different      condition of roads, terrain, traffic, rainfall, soil subgrade and pavement composition.
(ii) To assess the rural road condition of selected test sections through structural and functional evaluation.The functional      evaluation will be carried out to assess the various distress parameters such as reveling, potholes, depressions, rutting,      cracks, corrugations etc. The roughness studies will also be carried out to assess the riding quality of only those sections      having traffic and rainfall in the range of medium and high.
(iii) The studies will be carried out three times in a year, i.e. pre-monsoon, post-monsoon and during winter season.
(iv) Adequate care will be taken to evaluate the test sections. Core studies of each section will be carried out to assess the       type and thickness of the different pavement layers. Since the bituminous wearing course has not been used in rural road       construction, the mix design of bituminous surfaces will not be carried out.

It has been planned to establish a number of test sites across a range of rural roads constructed under PMGSY and other schemes in Uttaranchal State. At these sites measured pavement condition data would be collected at regular intervals, three times in a year i.e. pre-monsoon, post monsoon and during winter. The various steps to be followed in the proposed study will be as below :
Identification and Location of Sample Roads
This step covers the selection of various roads sites constructed under PMGSY and other schemes in Uttaranchal State where pavement condition data is to be measured and collected. The selection criteria will ensure that road sites cover a wide range of the independent variables effecting deterioration such as levels of traffic load, climatic effects, soil type, and local road type (i.e. sealed and unsealed etc.)

Collection of Pavement Performance and Other Data
This will include collection of various distress parameters for the selected rural road sections constructed under PMGSY and other schemes in Uttaranchal State three times in a year i.e. pre-monsoon, post-monsoon and during winter. The performance data to be collected is expected to include road roughness, rutting, surface distress conditions and an assessment of pavement structural conditions.

Development of Database for the Rural Roads
The database will consists of geometric details of rural roads, traffic variations and the details regarding Time-series, various pavement distresses to be measured at periodic intervals. This database will be useful to the development of pavement deterioration models for rural roads as well as in future.

Development of Pavement Design Methods
The pavement performance data collected will then be used to develop pavement design method. This will result in a design method which will be based on actual field performance of pavements and will be cost effective also.