Highway Research Record

Performance Evaluation of Northern Sub Urban Corridor In Chennai

Date of Start:July 2004
Division of Urban Systems Development, College of Engineering, Anna University, Chennai (R, I)

Scope and Objective
(i) To study operational characteristics and effective utilization of train in Northern corridor.
(ii) To study the existing transit facilities and travel characteristics of commuters in northern corridor.
(iii) To appreciate the travel behavior of the people along the northern sub urban corridor and the present modal share

(i) Selection of corridor for study.
(ii) Collection of data regarding passenger loading at each station in both direction.To collect the primary data like passenger      loading, opinion survey.
(iii) To collect the secondary data like passenger loading capacity, frequency of train, headway.
(iv) To identify the factors for shifting from bus to train service.
(v) To identify the percentage of shifting.

Findings and Conclusions
(i) The analysis of the operation shows that the patronage to the train service is very less at the present stage.
(ii) The train passenger opinion survey shows that the suggestion to improve accessibility (24 percentage), frequency (22      percentage), less travel time (16 percentage) for the train service.
(iii) The accessibility level is one of the causes for the patronage. This shows that the people residing near by areas mostly use      the train facility.
(iv) The opinion survey (bus) shows the condition for switch over to train is frequency (26 percentage) Travel time (19       percentage) and accessibility (26 percentage). This shows that the trips generated can be increased by providing       frequency, accessibility and reduced travel time.
(v) To achieve the maximum demand there should be reduction in cost of travel by providing single ticket for train and bus       system, discount to season ticket holders and reduce the minimum fare for short distance travels.
(vi) The shifting of bus passenger to train service also won’t satisfy the design capacity since this corridor is under developed       there is scope for the further developments in patronage
(vii) The northern corridor should be developed by transit oriented land use development industrial land use and institutional       land use and increasing residential density to increases patronage towards train service.