Highway Research Record

Transport Demand Characteristics of Periurban Areas in Chennai Metropolitan Area

Date of Start:July 2004
Division of Urban Systems Development, College of Engineering, Anna University (R, I)

Scope and Objective
(i) To analyze the current scenario of public transport and its operational deficiency in Periurban settlements.
(ii) To assess the travel demand and identify the share of public transport
(iii) To suggest an alternative public transit system to meet out future raising demand in these settlements

(i) Reviewing the characteristics of study area
(ii) Primary data such as bus and van users opinion survey and secondary data like bus and van operational characteristics      collection
(iii) Analyze the data
(iv) Estimation of travel demand for the study area
(v) Findings and conclusion

Findings and Conclusions
MTC operates 46 bus services, in the study area, which makes 1885 singles trips per day, which is in sufficient because there is 115 informal maxi cabs operate parallel service with 1100 trips per day.

The opinion survey shows that the majority (59%) of the passengers are ready to go for MRTS if they are not provided with the direct bus services, which connect their destination

Also the remaining passengers are ready to use MRTS if they are provided with their demands. The 27% of the bus users giving the first priority is more frequency, easy access and less travel time. Next the 19% of bus users expecting the conditions of fare is equal to bus, easy access and less travel time. And 13% of bus users ready to use the MRTS while satisfying the criteria of equal fare to bus, more frequency and easy access.

Due to the lack of scheduled operations and frequency of buses this tends the public bus users (96%) to shift towards maxi cab. The reason for using van service is due top higher frequency is 63%, due to less travel time is 4%, due to more comfort is 33%.