Highway Research Record

Safety Environment of NH - 2: A case study for Delhi - Agra Section

Date of Start:January 2004 to June 2004
School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi (R)

Scope and Objective
To analyze the accident data on the highway & understand the components that hinder the safety of the highway, in terms of the highway alignment itself, due to the traffic plying on it & its surroundings. The highway has been delineated into various stretches and find out the most critical stretch. To study the black spots on that stretch and analyze their casual factors. To give recommendations & plan for the improvements on intersections and mid block and finalize the policy & guidelines safety on the whole stretches.

The Delhi- Agra stretch of NH2 is divided into 20 stretches of 10km each. The accident data for the last 3 years was collected & analyzed in terms of the economic cost of the severity, to identify the most critical stretch. The most critical stretch was identified as kmp 51 to kmp 61. It passes partly through rural areas and partly through urban areas. There are 3 intersections in rural areas & 7 intersections in urban areas. The alignment consists of 7 curves with total length of 1927m. Black spots are identified on intersections and mid blocks where accidents have been taken place for more than 5 times and two of them are fatal. The mid blocks accidents are studied through their F.I.R report stating their time, severity and collision type. The accidents at intersection are studied through their collision diagram.

Findings and Conclusions
Most numbers of accidents i.e. 16% takes place in the month of December. The probable cause of accidents in urban area is improper sight distance, mix traffic on intersection, lack of signalization & pedestrian facilities, non provision of service roads. The probable cause of accidents in rural areas is non provision of right turning lane lack of signage & lighting, lack of parking facilities in case of breakdown vehicles.
To reduce the accidents various improvements are suggested such as provision of right turning lane, improvement of junctions, providing of traffic calming measures, safety barriers and providing of road markings.

Vartika Vishnoi, “Safety Environment of National Highway No. 2 : Case Study- Delhi Agra”, Master’s Thesis (unpublished), Department of Transport Planning, School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi, 2004