Highway Research Record

National Data Centre Managing Data for Planning, Design and Management of Roads

Duration: April 2002
Central Road Research Institute, New Delhi (R)

Scope and Objectives

The main objective of this project is to establish a GIS based database for road inventory, road condition data, land use and roadside utility services, data that would allow research leading to the development of the Geographic Information System (GIS) based Road Information Management System (RIMS). Further GIS based RIMS will be integrated to Pavement Maintenance Management System (PMMS) for better understanding of maintenance strategies requirement for National Highways.

The methodology to develop Geographic Information System (GIS) based Road Information Management System (RIMS) and subsequently Pavement Maintenance Management System (PMMS) will be integrated to GIS.

The following projects were carried out as a part of the study:
- Creation of Spatial Database:
The spatial data in the scale of 1:250,000 for the entire Haryana state have been created. The National Highways passing through the state has been identified. All other road network has been digitized and is being updated using the maps available from secondary sources.

- Development of RIMS for a Typical Urban corridor of National Highway (Ashram – Badarpur Section):
The road information system has been developed for an urban stretch of NH -2 from Ashram Junction to Badarpur Border (i.e. km 8/300 to 18/800) in Delhi. The base data available from the report on “Corridor Improvement Plan of NH-2 (From Ashram to Badarpur Border)” prepared by CRRI, has been used to developed GIS based road information management system. The base map has been prepared using the AutoCAD drawings and includes the details of carriage way, median, foot path, right of way, trees, street lights and land use detail.

- Development of Road Information System for Major Arterial of Delhi under Pavement Evaluation Study: As a part of the study on ‘Evaluation of Delhi Road for Maintenance and Rehabilitation Strategies’, the data collected on various pavement parameters were used to develop GIS based road information system for the selected corridors. The base road network map has been prepared in the scale of 1:50,000 and all attribute data have been attached to the selected road layers.

- Road Network Map of Haryana State:
The map data related to National Highways and State Highways passing through Haryana State has been digitized further RIMS will be developed and integrated to GIS.

- Road Inventory Surveys in a Typical Identified Section of a NH in Haryana:
Road inventory survey based visual assessment has been carried out for NH-1, NH-72, NH-73, NH22, and NH21A. Some portion of NH-10, NH-65 and NH-71 has been completed.

- Extraction of Spatial Data for National Highways of Jharkhand : The spatial database on NH and SH of Jharkhand state has been extracted from the data available from the sponsored research project on preparation of district rural road plan and core network plan.

Significance/Utilization Potentials
The National data centre will be useful for Planning, Design and Management of National Highways in the country.

Under this Project, RMIS is being created for National Highways passing through Haryana State. The studies will be extended further to cover entire National Highway Network in the country.

Two Research papers have been published on this study:
1. “Pavement Maintenance Management System for Rural Roads For three Districts of Maharastra State-A case study” by Bhagwan Singh, B S Rao, Ravinder,P K Kanchan and P K Nanda. In IRF World Meeting at Bangkok, Thailand, 14-18 June, 2005.

2. “ Prioritizing of Maintenance for Rural Roads for Narsapur Division of Andra Pradesh State-A case study” by Bhagwan Singh, B S Rao and B K Durai, Submitted to IRC Journal.