Highway Research Record

Road Maintenance Plan for Ring Road of Delhi Using HDM -4 and Geographical Information System

Duration: June 2003
Central Road Research Institute, New Delhi (S)

Scope and Objectives
The objective of the study is to develop maintenance plans for Inner Ring Road of Delhi using HDM-4 software. Integration of HDM-4 results with Geographical Information System to develop GIS based pavement maintenance management system


HDM-4 is proposed to analyze the economics of life cycle costs of pavement sections for alternative maintenance strategies. The following steps were followed in study:
• Detailed map study of existing Ring Road network of Delhi has been carried out to identify the road section for detailed data   collection and analysis
• Preparation of Input files for HDM-4 application such as road characteristics, vehicle fleet, work standards and configuration.
• Selection and application of different maintenance and rehabilitation strategies to evaluate its performance, and economic   viability through life cycle analysis.
• Cost benefit analysis and preparation of work programme and priorities establishment based on budget constraints.
• Development of GIS data base (Integrating PMMS data with GIS)

Findings and Conclusions
(i) Different maintenance strategies for the entire Ring Road have been evolved. The work programme for the same has been     developed for 10 years.
(ii) The effect of budgetary constraints of maintenance on pavement performance has been analysed for different scenarios. (iii) The study demonstrates that the use of an existing model, HDM-4, could provide the required management information if      carefully adopted and calibrated to reflect local conditions. Improvements to the model can be gradually made as new      information becomes available from local research.

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