Highway Research Record

Intelligent Transport System – A Status Report

Duration: June 2004 to March 2005
National Transportation Planning and Research Centre, Thiruvananthapuram (R)

Scope and Objectives
The objective of this study is to study the various technologies of Intelligent Transportation System and to identify some of the ITS technologies which can be implemented in India in the immediate future.


(i) Literature Review of Intelligent Transportation System.
(ii) Study on application of ITS technology in other parts of the world.
(iii) Review of case studies of the use of ITS technologies.
(iv) Identification of the ITS technology that can be implemented in the immediate future in India.
(v) Identification of cost elements of ITS technologies.
(vi) Preparation of a status report on ITS and its application in India.

Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) has been recognized and promoted in all developed countries as user services that support the transportation objectives of safety, efficiency, productivity and environment protection. It has helped in reducing traffic congestion, pollution, fuel consumption etc., in these countries as mentioned in the case studies. In India, not much development has taken place in this field. Only some public transport organizations in our country have started implementing ITS in a limited scale. There is vast potential for its use for improvement of traffic flow and safety on our roads.

Utilisation Potential
This report will help in knowing the following things,
(i) What is Intelligent Transportation System (ITS)?
(ii) What are the functions and categories of ITS?
(iii) What are the advantages/benefits of ITS?
(iv) What are the technologies that can be implemented in the immediate future in our country?
(v) What are the cost elements of different ITS technologies?

Further work on Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) can be done on the following,
(i) Estimating the cost of implementing various technologies of ITS in India.
(ii) Methodology of implementation of ITS technologies in India.