Highway Research Record

Road Condition Surveys of Selected Network of State Highways (SH) and Major District Roads (MDR) of Mizoram State

Duration: November 2003 to April 2004
(i) Central Road Research Institute, New Delhi (R)
(ii) Public Works Department (PWD), Government of Mizoram (S, I)

Scope and Objectives
The major objectives of the study included the collection of road data for about 30 percent of core road network of State Highways (SH) and Major District Roads (MDR and to provide onsite training to PWD engineers side by side regarding the methodology to be adopted for collection of data. The road data of remaining core road network was collected by the trained PWD engineers in a format and was provided to the CRRI for carrying out further analysis.
The following major activities were undertaken for the study:
• Classified traffic counts surveys
• Inventory of road network
• Visual road condition surveys
• Pavement roughness surveys using calibrated Vehicle Mounted Bump Integrator (VMBI)
• Structural evaluation of selected pavements (Test pits and extraction of bituminous mixes)
• Laboratory evaluation of road construction materials
• Development of data base compatible to HDM-4
• Onsite training to PWD engineers


Details of road condition for core road network covering 1100 km with traffic volume along with the recommendations and appropriate maintenance strategies for improvement of road condition are included in the final report.

It was observed that majority of roads surveyed during the study were in poor condition. The total surface distress, mainly with potholes and edge breaks, for the core road network is around 70-80%. The minimum and maximum roughness observed was about 7 m/km (IRI) and 12 m/km (IRI) respectively. It was concluded through the study that majority of roads are in dire need of strengthening and requires major rehabilitation works. The various maintenance and rehabilitation (M&R) strategies have been suggested / proposed based on the current pavement condition and structural adequacy. Project has since been completed.

Significance/ Utilisation potential
A good database has been developed which can be constructively used in analysing pavement maintenance strategies.

The study was limited to only State Highways and Major District Roads. A similar study should be done for National Highways as well which will provide a good database for all the roads in the entire state of Mizoram and can be constructively used in development of Pavement Maintenance Management System.