Highway Research Record

Analytical Study & Review of Road Performance Parameters/Ability of Roads Made by Different Types of Bitumen

Duration: : April 2004
(i) Research Institute, UP PWD, Lucknow (I)
(ii) Research Development & Quality Promotion Cell, UP, PWD, Lucknow (R)

Scope and Objectives
Comparative study of road performance using 60/70 penetration grade bitumen, various bituminous emulsions, polymer modified bitumen and crumb rubber modified bitumen as binders with respect to 80/100 penetration grade bitumen.

This project is restricted to the performance observation of the bituminous surface in the same climatic conditions using different types of binder.
(i) Repainting of km. 65, 66, 67, 68 & 69 of Unnao-Maurawam (MDR) road will be done according to the MoSRTH      specifications.
(ii) For second coat painting and precoating in km.65, 6 mm stone and bitumen emulsion will be used. Painting will be done      with the bitumen emulsion.
(iii) Second coat painting and precoating in km.66 will be done using 10-16 mm gauge grit and 60/70 bitumen. Painting with      bitumen gtade 60/70 will be done.
(iv) Second coat painting with 10-16 mm gauge grit and precoating with bitumen 60/70 will be done. Painting will be done       with CRMB-55.
(v) In km. 66, second coat painting will be done with 10-16 mm gauge grit and 80/100 bitumen. Precoating will be done by       80/100 bitumen.
(vi) In km. 69, second coat painting will be done with 10-16 mm gauge grit and PMB. 60/70 bitumen will be used for       precoating.
Bitumen stripping, smoothness of road surface, rut depth variation, cracking pattern and different properties of bitumen shall be studied for performance evaluation of all roads at every 3 months interval for a monitoring period of 3 years.

Significance/Utilisation Potential
The study will provide factual position with regard to use of various bituminous binders in Uttar Pradesh under various climatic conditions. Life-cycle cost parameter will also be determine to analyse the effectiveness of various binders under specific operating conditions.

The project proposal is in the initial stage and has been placed for approval.