Highway Research Record

Design and Fabrication of Road Condition Evaluation Equipment for A.P. Govt.

Date of Start: July 2002
(i) Central Road Research Institute, New Delhi (R,I)
(ii) PWD, Govt. of A.P. (S)

Present Status and Progress
An instrumented van has been designed and fabricated for Roads and Building Department, Govt. of Andhra Pradesh. The instrumented van is capable of measurement of Road Geometrics and Road Condition Evaluation. Road geometric measurement involves measurement of road roughness, vertical gradient and horizontal curvature which is accomplished using Axle mounted roughness measuring device, vertical profile meter (VPM) and Gyroscope respectively. Video Survey and Analysis System for Pavement Surface Condition (PSC-VSAS) is necessarily a two component system :

• A Video Survey System (PSC-VSS), and
• A Video Analysis System (PSC-VAS)

The Video Survey System consists essentially of a vehicle-mounted video camera capable of photographing the road surface, with adequate sensitivity to pick up all required details and is capable of being controlled and monitored from inside the moving vehicle. The system also includes the following as necessary support equipment :

• A distance measuring and recording system, synchronised with road surface videography, capable of being correlated with    the individual video-frames
• Video monitor, to enable monitoring the videographic operations while in progress
• A computer notebook for recording distance and speed

The Video Analysis System utilizes the output of the Video Survey System as its input, and gives as output the processed and analysed information on pavement surface condition of the road sections studied, in a format directly utilisable for pavement maintenance management planning.

Training will be provided to the engineers of R & B (ROADS), A.P. Govt., in the operation and maintenance of the instrumented van.

This system provides drastic reduction in field survey time vis-à-vis manual survey and measurements as well as indirect savings from almost complete elimination of dislocation or disturbances to traffic as in the case of manual survey.