Highway Research Record


The Highway Research Board of the Indian Roads Congress expresses thanks to Dr. P. K. Nanda, Director, Central Road Research Institute, New Delhi for the preparation of the General Report on Road Research work done in     India during 2004-2005.   The  report was  prepared, compiled  and  edited  by Shri M. K. Meena and Dr. R. K. Maheshwari, Scientists under the overall supervision of Shri T. K. Amla, Head, Information, Liaison & Training, CRRI and Shri Jai Bhagwan, Area Advisor, Human Resource Development and was reviewed by Dr. S. Gangopadhyay, Head, Transportation Planning & Environment and Shri G.K. Tike, Head, Rigid Pavement Division. The useful suggestions received from the scientists of R & D Divisions in compilation and editing of the report are gratefully acknowledged. The Board also expresses its gratitude to the various research organizations and Institutes for providing research progress reports.