Highway Research Record


Highway Research Record No. 32 describes the General Report on Road Research Work done in India during the year 2004-2005. This document has been prepared by compiling the progress of research work reported by 25 Research Organisations and Academic Institutions in the country. The names of reporting organizations have been listed at the end of the report. As the General Report on Road Research is intended to provide information on research works carried out under various research projects, works reported on routine investigations and laboratory / field testing have been omitted from the document.

As per the classification, the entire material has been divided into five Sections, namely, Highway Planning & Management, Performance Evaluation & Instrumentation; Pavement Engineering & Paving Materials; Geotechnical Engineering; Bridge Engineering and Traffic & Transportation Engineering. The projects in each section are further classified in to three broad categories namely (i) Completed Projects (ii) On going Projects and (iii) Projects Reported First Time, i.e., New Projects. The research works carried out as a part of Master and Doctoral thesis in the Academic Institutions have also been reported separately in Section VI of the report.

The research work in each section has been reported as per the standard Proforma for three broad categories of projects. The proforma along with other related information are given in Appendix-I.

Each sectional report begins with a brief overview in the form of summary followed by a few salient points towards channelising the discussions during the presentation of the report in the IRC Annual Session.