Highway Research Record


Landslide hazard mitigation, waste material management and ground improvement are major areas in geotechnical engineering, which have received major research thrust during the year. The progress of research work reported in the area of geotechnical engineering comprises of monitoring and instrumentation of Band Drains, ground improvement measures for widening of industrial bypass road, preparation of GIS based subsurface geotechnical map of Delhi, landslide investigation works, finite element seepage analysis for slope stability, numerical modeling of rainfall induced landslides, design of fly ash embankment for widening of marginal road bund, feasibility studies on utilisation of waste material in rural roads.

1. Efficacy of ground improvement techniques and monitoring consolidation process
2. Use of industrial waste materials in road construction
3. Instrumentation and monitoring of landslides
4. Simulation modelling of rainfall induced landslides
5. Finite element seepage analysis for stabilization of landslides