I. Highway Planning, Management, Performance Evaluation & Instrumentation

1. Highway Planning & Management

2. Traffic Studies for Preparation of Master Plan for the Development of Ponani Port in Kerala
April 2005 to December 2005
(i) National Transportation Planning and Research Centre (NATPAC), Thiruvananthapuram (R)
(ii) Harbour Engineering Dept., Govt. of Kerala (S)


Present Status and progress
Project Completed
Findings / Conclusions
Based on traffic studies, the traffic potentials of the port have been assessed. Expected divertible traffic forecasts have been worked out for three scenarios Optimistic, Moderate and Pessimistic. The optimistic scenario consists of full diversion of related traffic from Cochin and Beypore Ports and a possible diversion of nearly one third of road based goods traffic to the proposed port at Ponnani. The moderate scenario assumes only one fifth of road-based traffic as divertible. The pessimistic scenario presents only half of the traffic divertible to new port and only half of the maximum divertible cargo movement from road traffic.
Presently in Kerala, only 2 minor ports namely Beypore and Vizhijam are functioning. The other minor ports function as Fishing Harbours and Signal Stations. Over the years, due to lack of maintenance, minor ports in the state fell into relative disuse. Developing coastal shipping and integrating it with Inland Water Transportation will provide these ports a fillip for growth. With the inland waterway system connecting the minor ports with hinterland, it would be economical to distribute the cargo through waterways.
Ponnani is one of the nearest port to the major port at Cochin. It can act as a satellite port in Cruise tourism, Container barge operation, Coastal shipping and a terminal for Inland Water Transport. It can play a pivotal role in Lakshdweep transportation. Till late seventies, cargo vessels used to sail between Ponnani and Lakshdweep islands. Ponnani has an added advantage of availability of land for port development and expansion. Traffic study has revealed that there is a potential for the port to be developed as a seaport for coastal shipping once it is well integrated with Inland Water Transport.
Reports / Publications
Traffic Studies for Preparation of Master Plan for the Development of Ponnani Port in Malappuram District of Kerala