I. Highway Planning, Management, Performance Evaluation & Instrumentation

1. Highway Planning & Management

1. Development of GIS Based National Highway Information System
Date of Start:
January 2006
(i) Central Road Research Institute, New Delhi (C,I)
(ii) Ministry of Shipping, Road Transport and Highways (S)


Scope and Objectives
It is proposed to develop a GIS based database and information system for National Highways (except roads under NHDP), which will include collection and collation of spatial (geo-referenced) data and the related non-spatial road information. The system will enable storing, retrieving and updating data and presenting the desired information related to traffic and road assets for upgradation and rehabilitation purposes.
The project has been divided in four modules dealing with development of the information system, collection of the relevant road and related asset information, traffic data collection and evolving long term strategies for management of highway system in India.
Module-I: Development of GIS Database and Information System for National Highways
A digital GIS map will be prepared for entire country based on Survey of India Topo-sheets using 1:10,00,000 scale, showing all the National Highways. The main emphasis of this module will be on the development of software through which the data management can be effected. Using the map data and other related information collected (as proposed in module II and III), a user friendly GIS based interactive system will be developed. The system will enable to store, retrieve and update the entire database with proper geo-reference.
Module-II: Inventorisation of National Highways
The inventorisation of National Highways involves recording of geometry of the highway sections, pavement type and width, pavement roughness and distress, type of shoulders (paved/ unpaved), road side land use (Urban/Rural) and other asset information. The entire National Highway network will be divided into 4 zones (East/ West/ North/ South) for convenience and the highways in each zone will be divided into convenient links for field work.
Module-III: Traffic Volume Survey for National Highways
It is proposed to collect the classified traffic volume data for about 50 representative locations, continuously for 7-days using Portable Traffic Classifiers (PTC).
Module-IV: Long Term Maintenance and Rehabilitation Strategies
The complete inventory data and traffic volume data shall be the major input for development of long term maintenance and rehabilitation plans and strategies. It is proposed to use HDM-4 for developing long term maintenance and rehabilitation strategies.
The entire system as proposed will be developed as an user friendly computer package which can be used for decision making process for planning, and management of National Highway network.
Significant / Utilization Potential
Allocation of improvement and maintenance funds in a scientific manner, thus leading to optimal and effective utilization of resources
Improved serviceability of roads leading to saving in total transportation costs
Better rideability with improved road condition and long lasting network due to timely and appropriate maintenance inputs
Rational planning and budgeting for maintenance and rehabilitation of national highway network
Report/ Publications:
P.K. Nanda, ‘GIS based National Highways Information System’, Key Note Address, Map India, 30th Jan to 1st Feb. 2006.