I. Highway Planning, Management, Performance Evaluation & Instrumentation

1. Highway Planning & Management

4. Road Network Planning Approaches for Location of Urban Amenities in Rural Area in Laksar Block of Haridwar District
Date of Start:
January 2006
(i) Central Road Research Institute, New Delhi (C,I)
(ii) Department of Science and Technology, Government of India (S)


Scope and Objectives

The main objective of the project is to evolve a rural road network planning approach to provide connectivity to all the rural villages/habitations in an optimal way to the urban facility centres proposed/located in a rural area. The other associated objectives are:

(i) to develop detailed spatial and non-spatial data on human settlement and road network in the block
(ii) finding an optimal road network for providing connectivity to all the villages to the nearest identified major centres
(iii) to estimate the existing accessibility level of each village to the major centres (existing as well as proposed)
(iv) to identify the additional facilities/amenities required to be located in these major centres and
(v) to suggest the level of connectivity in terms of investment options for rural roads.
Road network planning in rural areas has the following aspects: (i) the study will be carried out in the Laksar block of Haridwar district in Uttranchal state (ii) collection of relevant data, (ii) prioritization of villages/habitations to identify the growth centres, (iii) selection and evaluation of optimal links for connectivity and assessment of the urban facilities required and (iv) level of interventions for location of urban facilities in the selected villages/habitations. There is need to study the actual requirement of the existing facilities and their locations in terms of demand and the level so as to locate them in the selected major centres. Based on the demand for facilities, development of road network and the accessibility pattern the growth centres will be classified to provide the appropriate facilities. Sensitivity analysis will be carried out to find out the improvement of accessibility level of villages to each growth centres identified in the block.
Significant / Utilization Potential
A methodology will be evolved for planning and evaluation of road network which will provide optimum connectivity to all villages with to major urban facilities centers in a typical rural area.