I. Highway Planning, Management, Performance Evaluation & Instrumentation

1. Highway Planning & Management

8. Base Line Road/Traffic Data Collection for Upgradation/ Rehabilitation of Identified Uttar Pradesh State Roads
Date of Start:
March 2006
(i) Central Road Research Institute, New Delhi (C,I)
(ii) Public Works Department, Uttar Pradesh (S)


Scope and Objectives
The main objective of the study is to collect the field data for the selected roads for upgradation and rehabilitation under phase-II of UP State Roads project. The scope of the work includes assessment of Riding Quality, classified traffic volume, axle loads and average travel time on selected roads.
Uttar Pradesh (UP) PWD has assigned Central Road Research Institute (CRRI), New Delhi to collect the base line road/traffic, axle load, travel time, and riding quality data for upgradation and rehabilitation selected roads under Phase-II.
The methodology proposed for collection of these data is given below
Traffic Volume Survey:
The traffic volume points will be selected on mid block on selected roads based on physical verification on the site taking into account the merging/diverging traffic conditions. The traffic volume survey will be carried out for 48 hours (Two days) round the clock on 19 selected locations.
Axle Loads Surveys:
To assess the actual usage and damaging effect of the roads by traffic, especially heavy commercial vehicles, axle load surveys will be conducted 48 hours (two days) along with traffic survey locations. The weighing will be done for traffic in both directions using portable static electronic wheel weigh pads on random sampling basis. The axle loads data will be converted into Equivalent Standard Axle Loads (ESALs) carried by each axle of the vehicle using fourth power law.
Speed and Delay Survey:
The primary objective of this study is to evaluate the quality, convenience, and level of service being offered to the traffic flow/movement along a particular route. The speed and delay data will be collected using the “floating car “ method to make two runs in each direction of the selected route for morning and evening time periods.
Riding Quality Measurements:
The riding quality of selected roads will be measured by response type towed Fifth Wheel Bump Integrator. The observations will be taken on both left and right wheel paths.
Significant / Utilisation Potential
The data will be useful for the implementing agencies for planning of maintenance and rehabilitation strategies.