I. Highway Planning, Management, Performance Evaluation & Instrumentation


2. Instrumentation and Testing of Demonstration Stretches for Concrete Rural Road
Date of Start:

April 2005
(i) National Council for Cement and Building Materials (R)
(ii) Cement Manufacturers Association (C,I,S)


Scope and Objectives

To generate data on performance of concrete slabs of different thicknesses for rural concrete roads.

Stretches of concrete pavements would be laid with different types of concrete such as conventional concrete, concrete with 30% flyash and high volume flyash concrete. Strain gauges and temperature gauges shall be embedded in concrete at the time of casting at different locations i.e. edges, corners and centre of slabs. Temperature and wheel stresses shall be measured at different time to cover the effect of different seasons and seasonal variations.
Supporting Data
The necessary equipments have been procured and pavement sections will be laid shortly.
Significant/Utilisation Potential
Reduction in cost of rural concrete roads through economical design