I. Highway Planning, Management, Performance Evaluation & Instrumentation


3. Suitability of Locally Available Materials for Road Construction in Kerala
Date of Start:

April 2005
National Transportation Planning and Research Centre (NATPAC), Thiruvananthapuram (R)


Scope and Objectives

To conduct field and laboratory investigations and to evaluate the suitability of locally available materials for road construction in the coastal belt of Kerala.

Soil samples are collected from the identified locations along coastal roads and tests are conducted for identification, shear, compression, swell characteristics, CBR, compaction etc. Materials like red earth, laterite soil, quarry dust etc. are added in different proportions and the properties studied. Sand replacement method is used to find out the field density. Pavement deflection measurement by using Benkelman Beam would also be undertaken on the identified locations.
Supporting Data
Subgrade soil samples from six locations along the roads in coastal area have been collected, and are being evaluated in the laboratory.
Significant/Utilisation Potential
The findings of the study will help in adopting more scientific solutions to the problems encountered for road construction in the coastal belt of Kerala.