3. Study of Landslide and Rockfall on Mumbai-Pune Expressway

December 2004 to June 2005
(i) Central Road Research Institute, New Delhi (R)
(ii) Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation (S, I)


Present Status and Progress
Findings/ Conclusions

The remedial measures suggested have the following aspects:

• Preventing the rock blocks falling on the road

• Preventing the rocks & rock slopes to erode & weather as well as fall from the slope

• Provision of the drainage on the slope

• Repair & maintenance of the remedial action already taken

• Repair & strengthening the embankment at desired location using appropriate method.

Mumbai-Pune Expressway (approx 95 km) in length is the first Expressway of the Country. Since the Expressway got started, it is facing with problems of rockfall/landslide. After preliminary investigations in the year 2005, 17 locations were found critical requiring immediate interventions in terms of suitable remedial measures for their prevention. Out of 17 locations, 4 were most critical.

Detailed field mapping was done for all four critical locations to analyse the problem scientifically. The data pertaining mainly to joints were collected during the field studies apart from other geological & geomorphological investigations. The data analysis was done using the appropriate software. Stereographic plot of joint pole and planes was prepared to analyse the problem critically. After analyzing the critical locations suitable remedial measures (long term and short term) were recommended to the client for stabilization of landslide and rockfall.

Implementation of the recommended remedial measures and monitoring for three years.