6. Design of Fly Ash Embankment for Widening of Marginal Road Bund from GT Road-to-Road No. 59

March 2004 to 2005
(i) Central Road Research Institute, New Delhi (R)
(ii) Public Works Department, Delhi (S,I)


Present Status and Progress
Findings/ Conclusions

The existing two-lane Marginal bund road from Shastri Park to Khajuri Chowk, Delhi is being widened to four-lane road. The road is to be constructed along the bank of the river Yamuna. Pond ash is being used as fill material in the widening portion of the embankment. The fly ash, which is used as fill material and soil used as cover soil, are investigated in the laboratory for their geotechnical characteristics. The overall slope stability analysis of the embankment with toe wall is checked with computer software. The fly ash embankment is designed as a composite structure with fly ash in the core and earth cover on the sides.

The stability analysis was carried for full saturation up to H.F.L and sudden draw down conditions, with and without earthquake conditions. A Toe wall is provided at the toe of the embankment and water table was also considered in the stability analysis. The traffic and other live loads were considered in the analysis. The construction is being carried out based on the design submitted by CRRI. Scientists are carrying out the quality assurance of the construction and field engineers were trained accordingly.


• A retaining wall has been proposed at the toe of the embankment.
• Measures for erosion control are recommended.