1. Use of Jute Geotextile for Efficient Road Drainage and Stabilization
Date of Start

July 2005
(i) Central Road Research Institute, New Delhi (R)
(ii) Jute Manufacturers Development Council (S)
(iii) National Rural Road Development Agency (I)


Scope and Objectives
The main objective of the R&D project is to evaluate the beneficial effects of the use of jute geotextile in road construction. The following aspects have been considered in the study.

• To assess the performance of jute geotextile as a separation layer, preventing the intrusion of sub grade material into the sub base/base and improvement in the bearing capacity of the sub grade

• To assess the performance of jute geotextile as a drainage layer, draining away the water that percolates down the upper layers of the pavement

• To assess the benefit of jute geotextile as a supporting system for constructing embankment on soft ground (slushy soil, marshy soil)

• To assess the benefit as a facilitator of growth of turf on embankment slopes and earthen shoulders and hill slopes

• Preparation of guidelines for use of agro based geotextiles and, dissemination of findings.

The study is taken up in collaboration with CBRI (Roorkee). CRRI will under take the study for the use of jute geotextile in the road pavement on soft sub grade and to improve the load bearing and drainage system by use of jute geotextile. CRRI-CBRI jointly will take up studies on use of jute geotextiles and Stabilization of hill slopes

In order to demonstrate the above benefits, ten roads have been identified in five states namely West Bengal, Orissa, Assam, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh. The various combinations of pavement designs will be tried out, by comparing with control section of conventional design. The Detailed Project Reports (DPR) of all the ten selected PMGSY roads have been prepared and the same were approved by concerned STAs. The Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India has accorded sanction for taking up these pilot road studies. Workshop cum training programme were organized in four states (Orissa, West Bengal, Chattisgarh and Assam) to impart knowledge about jute geotextiles, their usage, advantages and other related aspects to the engineers from implementing agencies (state rural road construction agencies) jointly in association with Jute manufacturers Development Council. Tendering of the works has been completed by the respective state agencies and for some of the roads, work has been awarded. Construction work is expected to be completed in about 8 to 9 months.

Project work in progress