9. Creation of National Test Facility, Formulation of Guidelines, Specifications, Manual of Practice for Design and Execution of Expansion Joints
Date of Start

April 2004
Central Road Research Institute, New Delhi (R)


Present Status and Progress

(i) Literature survey is completed.

(ii) Study Visit to see the existing Testing Facilities at the Factories of M/s J. Sons, Meerut; M/s Sanfield India Ltd., Bhopal; and M/s METCO, Kolkatta, completed.

(iii) Carried out the Visual Inspection of the expansion joints of the following bridges. Ravi Bridge, Basanter Bridge, Dewak Bridge, and Tarnah Bridge, Jammu; Second Thane Creek Road Bridges, Mumbai.

(iv) Preliminary Specifications for the Braking Test, Fatigue Test, Ponding Test, Cyclic Motion Test, Debris Expulsion Test, have been prepared.

(v) Global Tender has been advertised for the procurement of Braking Test Facility, and Fatigue test Facility.

(vi) The existing Fatigue Testing System has been upgraded by replacing the old M9500 Digital Controller by the new Generation M9610 Hydrowin Controller. The newly acquired equipment has been installed, commissioned, and training has been imparted.

Interim Conclusions

Scanty information is available regarding the detailed specifications of the Test Facilities like Braking Test, Fatigue Test, Cyclic Motion Test. These facilities are not available within our country. Exposure to any of the existing Test Facility at Global level may be extremely useful for the development of such Test facility.


The scope of work will be extended to cover the Comprehensive Testing Facilities for Expansion Joints under one umbrella at CRRI. Subsequent to the development of these testing facilities, R & D activities related to expansion joints, suited to the industrial requirements will undertaken.

Reports / Publications
1. Detailed Project Report (DPR), ‘Creation of National Test Facility for Bridge Expansion Joints in Highway Bridges’, CRRI Publication, March 2005

2. State of the Art Report (SOAR), ‘Performance Evaluation of Bridge Expansion Joints’, CRRI Publication, June 2005

3. S.S. Gaharwar, Ram Kumar, P.K. Nanda, ‘A Rationalized Approach for the Performance Evaluation of Expansion Joints’, IIBE National Seminar on ‘Innovative Foundations and Load Transfer Devices’, 13th-14th January 2006

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5. S.S. Gaharwar, Ram Kumar, P.K. Nanda, ‘Performance Evaluation of Bridge Expansion Joints as per the IRC Guidelines’, National Seminar on ‘Advances in Bridge Engineering’, IIT, Roorkee, 24th-25th March 2006