1. GIS application for Data Management of Bridges –A Pilot Study

April 2005 to March 2006
National Transportation Planning and Research Centre (NATPAC),
Thiruvananthapuram (R)


Scope and Objectives

The study is to develop an interactive information system, which would provide a data management system for bridges in Thiruvananthapuram division. The objective of the study is to inventorise the bridges in the study area as per IRC guidelines, prepare location maps & lay out diagram and design the information system using the data to have an interactive user interface.


Technical details of the bridges available from earlier studies were updated by site inspection. The GIS software used is Arc GIS 9.0 and the system is developed on Areobjects environment on which user interface is provided using the programming language Visual Basic NET 2003. MS Excel and Auto CAD are used for data preparation.

Interim Conclusions

The data base for 120 bridges are provided in the information system and will be help full in data management of there bridges by providing the information required for decision making.

Significance/Utilisation Potential
The information system provides necessary feed back for decision making. This is beneficial to the agencies that own the structures such as PWD, NH etc.

Recommendations for further work

The present study has to be extended to other fourteen divisions of PWD to form a complete Bridge Information System for Kerala.
Paper entitled “ Data Management of Bridges – A GIS approach ” Indian Highways, Vol 34, No: 2, Feb 2006, PP 29 –39 by B.G.Sreedevi, Denish R and Noggy Augustine