2. Study of Impact of New High Rise Buildings on Road Traffic at Tardeo, Mumbai

April 2004 to March 2005
(i) Central Road Research Institute, New Delhi (R)
(ii) S.D. Corporation Ltd. Mumbai (S, I)


Objectives of the Study

• To estimate the passenger / vehicular traffic generated by the proposed residential complex and assess the impact of this traffic on adjoining road network.

• Enumeration of the existing traffic flows on the major road links in the vicinity of the proposed development and appreciate the present and future traffic problems on the road network.


In order to fulfil the above stated objectives, the methodology framed in this study is discussed in the succeeding sections. A reconnaissance visit was made to the study area and its surroundings during the ongoing construction phase. The primary surveys conducted as a part of this study include the following:

• Road Network Inventory
• Classified Mid Block Volume Counts
• Speed and Delay Studies
• Household Travel Studies

The essential requirement envisaged in this study is the estimation of impact on road traffic and changes in the travel characteristics which are likely to occur due to the proposed residential complex. The travel pattern established using the above household survey is expected to form an essential input to derive the estimation of modal share of the proposed residential complex. Since the residential complex is still in the development stage, it is considered appropriate not only to use the existing traffic data and the growth factors to estimate the traffic for the horizon year but also to develop a macro level transport model using TRIPS Software which would thus incorporate the future developments in estimating the travel pattern and modal share. The estimated trips and their travel pattern for the base year (2004) have been made. Assuming a growth rate of 2 % increase in traffic per annum in the adjoining road network of the proposed road development and 25 % increase in the vehicular traffic from the proposed residential development in the horizon years, the estimated traffic loads for 2011 and 2021 have been made.


It can be inferred from this study that the V/C ratio would be more than 1.0 on most of the roads implying that the traffic congestion would be very high in the horizon years. From this analysis it is felt imperative to carry out the capacity augmentation measures which are envisaged under the Development Plans (DP) of Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM) as it will go a long way in relieving the traffic problems in the adjoining road network of Tardeo.