1. Feasibility Study for Provision of Pedestrian Facility on Shankar Road at Rajender Nagar, New Delhi
Date of Start

August 2005
(i) Central Road Research Institute, New Delhi (R)
(ii) MCD, New Delhi (I)


Scope and Objectives

The objective of this study is to conduct the necessary traffic studies to quantify vehicular and pedestrian traffic at the identified location and to assess the need for an appropriate pedestrian crossing facility across Shankar Road.

About 40,000 vehicle passed the section of Shankar Road on a normal working day (16 hours). Morning peak hour and evening peak hour traffic volumes were of the order of 2700 vehicles and 4200 vehicles respectively. 13,000 pedestrian were found to cross the road at six locations within a length of 300 metre stretch of road. Average journey speed of 12.3 km/hr. was observed during morning and 11.5 km/hr in the evening peak hour. Hazard index was found to be more than critical value of 2 x 108 during whole day at all the pedestrian cross points warranting controlled pedestrian facility. Alternate pedestrian facilities were evaluated for feasibility and economic viability.
Alternative pedestrian facilities viz. pedestrian subway, foot over bridge with and without elevators and synchronized pedestrian phase signals were considered for evaluation. It was felt that at least two pedestrian subways or footover bridges are required to meet the demand in an effective manner. In view of economic evaluation, site constraints and utility of different alternatives, it was recommended to provide synchronized pedestrian signal at three major desired lines of pedestrian flow along with appropriate side walks, guard railings signage and markings as immediate relief measure. In the long run it was recommended to construct two footover bridges with elevators to make them effective and to make the project economically viable. Options of sponsors, advertisements etc. may be explored in order to recover the operating and maintenance costs of elevators and part of initial cost of construction.