3. Road Safety Audit for Selected Stretch in Inner Ring Road, Chennai

2004 to 2005
Highways Research Station, Chennai (R, I)


Present Status and Progress

Scheme completed and Report prepared

The vehicles are plying with more speed than the speed restriction imposed by the Police Department. Overspeeding of the vehicles has to be checked periodically by the Police Department. Highways Authorities should erect proper sign boards and road markings and should provide good riding surface of the road. The combined effort of traffic Regulatory Authority and Highways Department will make the Inner Ring Road, accident free road.
• The overspeeding of the vehicles should be controlled by imposing strict enforcement measures.

• Shoulders for the entire stretch should be maintained in good condition

• The signals at Km 9/5 , 9/8, 10/4 and 12/7 should be made visible to the motorists as per IRC 93 - 1985

• Truck laybyes should be provided for the entire reach wherever necessary.

• The bus stops at Km 9/5, 10/4, 12/7 and 15/9 should be shifted at 75 m from the intersection as per IRC 70-1977

• Bus lays, bus shelters and the seats must be provided as per IRC 70-1977

• Kerbs should be provided for the entire stretch and it has to be marked as per IRC 35 - 1999

• Adequate maneuvering room for large vehicles should be provided at the intersection at Km 15/9.

• Necessary sign boards as per IRC 67 - 2001 should be erected to warn the motorists about the hazards.

• Lane Markings, Pedestrian crossings, Stopline, Direction arrows should be marked as per IRC 35-1999

• The bus stops, bus depots, schools are located at the signal controlled junction at km 10/.4 (Anna Nagar Depot). The passengers from the buses to Anna Nagar Depot are made to alight at the junction itself creating unsafe situations particularly during the Peak hours. To avoid this, passengers must be made to alight inside the Bus depot.

• Reflective devises must be placed for proper delineation.

• The Electricity Board Transformer affecting the visibility at Km 10/8 should be shifted.

• The minor bridge at km 12/9 which is on the edge of the carriageway must be widened in the direction towards Guindy. • The wornout service roads must be maintained in Good conditions

• Unnecessary median openings causing endanger to the motorists must be avoided.

• Medians must be marked as per IRC 35 - 1999

• The accident zone marking at km 15/4 on both direction must be cleared since it does not confine to the code of road markings IRC 35 - 1999