4. Safe Road to School – An Action Plan for Promoting Road Safety among School Children

January 2005 to December 2005
(i) National Transportation Planning and Research Centre (NATPAC), Thiruvananthapuram (R)
(ii) Kerala State Council for Science Technology and Environment (S)


Present Status and Progress

Safe Road to School Programme has been completed in 22 schools covering five districts of Kerala. Road Safety Education has been imparted to 1535 students and 69 teachers. Road Safety Action Plan and Report has been prepared for the selected schools. Implementation of the Action Plan is in progress.

The following are some of the findings of the study,

• It was found from the Pre-Training Quiz that majority of the students (about 64%) lacked basic road safety education .

• In most of the identified location, the school surroundings are not safe for the children to walk safely due to lack of basic pedestrian facilities like footpaths, zebra crossings, road signs and markings, pedestrian guard rails, pedestrian signals, etc.,

• As per the Student Travel Survey, the problem faced by majority of students were overspeeding (16%) and overcrowding of buses (15%).
Further work identified for the next year is to conduct SRS programme in other regions in Kerala, develop road safety education material for different group of users, conduct post- improvement studies, bring in NGO’s to take up SRS programme, integrate SRS programme with Safe Community Programme for Panchayats and finally establish road safety clubs in schools.
As a part of the study, following road safety education booklets/handbooks were prepared:

1. Traffic Education and Road Safety for Children (English and Malayalam)

2 . Safe Road to School – Principles of Road Safety for Children (English and Malayalam)

3. All About Lane Driving

4. Two Wheeler Driving Manual

5. Autorickshaw Driving Manual 6. Safe Cycling

These books are circulated free of cost to different target groups in the State of Kerala.