5. Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) studies for Badarpur - Faridabad and Mundka- Bahadurgarh corridors of Delhi Metro
Date of Start

November 2005
(i) Central Road Research Institute, New Delhi (R)
(ii) Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC), New Delhi (S)


Present Status and Progress

The study involved assessment of environmental impacts related to location. design, construction and operation of the project (proposed alignment of Metro along the Badarpur - Faridabad and Mundka - Bahadurgarhgh corridors). The study includes base- line data collection related to traffic, air, noise, soil , water and socio - economic environment including Resettlement and Rehabilitation(R&R) Plan. The study further includes modelling of air and noise pollution levels for pre-construction and post construction (i.e., operational phase) of the proposed metro corridors), Evaluation of impacts, Preparation of environmental mitigation and management plans for negative impacts (i.e., Environmental Management Plan; EMP) and identification of structure/ persons affected by land to be acquired for the project (i.e. Project Affected Persons or PAPs).

Baseline studies including Data analysis and interpretation related to Air, Water, Noise, Socio – economic and Green cover completed, Modelling related to Air Environment ( Caline-4) and Noise environment (CoRTN) completed, Draft Report Submitted to DMRC (March, 2006).

Findings and Conclusions
The Draft - Final Report along with the Executive Summary has been submitted to DMRC in May, 2006. The report delineates various environmental impacts (Positive as well as negative) impacts of the proposed metro corridor(s) along with the Environmental Management Plan (EMP).

The EIA report further highlighted the likely adverse environmental impacts on water environment (water demand/requirements) and Biological environment (trees along the corridor) due to the proposed activity and suggested appropriate EMP for the same to minimize their environmental impacts.
Like any other EIA studies, the present study has been carried out with the limitation of time and only limited no of parameters likely to be significantly affected due to the proposed activity has been considered.
Based on the EIA report detailed EMP has been delineated to minimize the adverse /negative environmental impacts due to the construction and operation of the proposed metro corridor(s).