6. Impact of Proposed District Center on the Transport Network Case Study: Saket
Date of Start

January 2006
School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi (R)


Scope and Objectives

(i) To evaluate the nature and magnitude of travel demand generated by the District Center.
(ii) To study the impact generated by the District Center on the transportation network.

The methodology adopted for the study involved a comprehensive literature study, which included past studies, reconnaissance survey of existing uses, understanding of non-conforming land uses, proposed development and the likely employment generated by District Center and identification of impact parameters. An extensive collection of both primary data and secondary data followed, which included surveys like origin destination studies, classified volume count, speed and delay studies, turning movement counts etc for the existing District Center of Janakpuri, and also on the network surrounding the proposed location of the District Center at Saket, and collection of data such as socio-economic data of catchments area, floor area allotment for each activity and their parking requirements and supply, time series data on OD, volume counts and vehicle registration. The next stage involved analysis of data with respect to present scenario for the existing District Center of Janakpuri, and scenario with the proposed district center. A trip attraction model was developed for the proposed District Center. To assess likely demand generated by proposed District Center Impact analysis for alternative scenarios, for the proposed district center was carried out in terms of influence area, LOS and traffic intensities and evaluation of these alternatives was done through costing of proposals.
Findings and Conclusions
The study of the existing District Center of Janakpuri shows that -

(i) The impact of the existing District Center is up to radius of 7.5 km.The level of service on the affected roads drops by 14% to 20%.

(ii) Junction flow in the affected roads drops in the range of 24% to 33%.

(iii) An investment of Rs. 2290 lakhs is required to be incurred in order to mitigate the various traffic impact caused by the proposed district center on its surrounding network.