I. Highway Planning, Management, Performance Evaluation & Instrumentation

1. Highway Planning & Management

In the area of Highways Planning and Management, eleven projects comprising of two completed, one ongoing and eight new projects have been reported. The completed projects are on selection of most feasible alignment for hill highways and traffic studies for preparation of master plan for development of port roads. The on-going projects are mainly on national data centre for roads, developing methodologies for GIS based database for roads with case studies. Under the new projects, the important projects reported are development of GIS based road information system for National Highways with an objective to collect and collate the road related data for 50,000 km of NHs in GIS environment and also evolving long term maintenance and rehabilitation strategies using HDM4. In addition, testing of the road information system developed for NHAI, computerized road inventory, GIS techniques for traffic management measures, traffic data counts and base line data collection and analysis and also a project on road network approaches for location of urban amenities in rural areas are reported.
1. Development and management of GIS based road information system
2. Pavement maintenance management system by integrating GIS and HDM 4
3. Planning of road network and location of urban amenities in rural areas