Natural hazard mitigation and waste material management are major areas in geotechnical engineering, which have received major research thrust during the year. The progress of research work reported in the geotechnical engineering comprises study of landslide and rockfall, landslide investigation, instrumentation and monitoring remedial measures, preparation of microzonation map of Delhi, selection of backfill material for appropriate compaction of backfill over Metro tunnel alignment, investigation and design of high embankment on soft ground using flyash fill for bypass road and use of jute geotextile for efficient road drainage and stabilization.

1. Use of waste materials produced by industries such as copper slag, mine quarry waste, fly ash, waste glass etc.
2. Instrumentation and monitoring of landslides to have a quantitative relationship of different factors affecting slope stability
3. Field oriented R&D projects on investigation of landslides and rockfall
4. Use of jute geotextile for stabilization
5. Microzonation map of Delhi
6. Study of liquefiable areas for Delhi, can be included in microzonation map of Delhi