Research work reported in the area of bridge engineering comprises a variety of projects covering structural investigations, laboratory investigations, foundation investigations and structural design. There is one project completed and nine projects are reported as on-going/new projects, out of which one project is new.

1. Preparation of Draft Specification for use of High Performance Concrete (HPC) for Pavement and Bridges made with indigenously available materials (B-32)
2. Studies for Aerodynamic Stability of Cable Stayed Bridge Decks (MORTH Research Scheme –B25)
3. Study on Hard Topping for Distressed CC Wearing Coats and Concrete Pavements
4. Study on High Volume Fly Ash Concrete for Rigid Pavements
5. Creating a data base on bridge information System for the State of Tamil Nadu.
6. Dynamic Response of Prestressed Concrete Bridges.
7. Determination of Scour Depth (for general Bed, within Channel Contractions and at Bridge Piers
8. Distress Diagnostic, Performance Evaluation and Bridge Management System for Concrete Bridges. (A collaborative project with DST, New Delhi)
9. Creation of National Test facility, Formulation of Guidelines, Specifications, manual of Practice for Design and Execution of Expansion Joints.
10. GIS application for Data Management of Bridges –A Pilot Study