Volume 67-2



Paper No. 523
"Cost-Benefit Analysis of Rural Roads Incorporating Social Benefits"
Dr. L. R. Kadiyali, Dr. N. B. Lal & Rakesh Sati

Paper No.524
"Design and Construction of pre-tensioned Sutlej Bridge in Punjab"
V. N. Heggade, R. K. Mehta & R. Prakash

Paper No.525
"Comparison of level of Public Transport Service of Different Ownerships by Numerical Rating and Fuzzy Set Approaches"
Dr. R. Murugesan & Prof. N. V. Rama Moorthy

Information Section

"Case Study of failure of a Submersible Bridge "
Dr. A.G. Namjoshi & Avinash Namjoshi

"Failure of a Bridge on RCC Raft Foundation - A Critical Review "
S.K. Mukherjee, B.D. Theng & Dr. A.G. Namjoshi

"Failure of Centering on Bridge Works "
Dr. A.G. Namjoshi