The Indian Roads Congress popularizing modern idea on road development and road engineering by publishing original articles; capsules of information; abstracts from technical journals; results of applied research in the sphere of bridge and road construction; case histories of failures, unique problems encountered during construction, solutions found and lessons learnt. The Congress brings out following periodicals:

  1. Journal of the Indian Roads Congress (Quarterly)
  2. Indian Highways (Monthly)
  3. Highway Research Bulletin (Half yearly)
  4. Highway Research Record (Yearly)

The real forte of the Congress lies in a large number of publications. These cover the following areas:

  1. IRC Specifications, Standards, Design Codes covering various aspects of reads, bridges, meterials, construction practices, technology, management, etc.
  2. Special Publications in respect of selected topics
  3. Ministry of Road Transport and Highway Specifications, Pocket Books, Standard Designs for Inter-Sections, Standard Drawings & Plans for Highways, Bridges or various spans and carriageway width (Reinforced Cement Concrete, Pre-stressed Cement Concrete Composite Construction, etc.
  4. IRC Seminar Publications
  5. State-of-the-Art Reports on important emerging topics
  6. Miscellaneous Publications

IRC grants to members limited license for personal research or educational use. Articles may be stored on a hard drive or other storage device or printed in hard copy form, with the following restrictions and exception: Systematic or multiple-copy reproduction or republication; electronic retransmission to another location; print or electronic duplication of any material in any other journal for a fee or for commercial purposes; or altering or recompiling any contents of the Journal is not permitted and you must agree to all the provisions of the copyright law protecting it and to the terms and conditions established by the copyright holder.

Inquiries or comments regarding copyright should be directed to "The Secretary General, Indian Roads Congress", Kama Koti Marg, Sector 6, R.K. Puram, New Delhi-110022 (India).

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