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COMPUTER ORGANIZATION- Prof. M.V. SubbaRao, Professor


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Prof. M.V. Subba Rao                                                                                              Ph :  (O)  91 891 2840333

Docteur Ingineur(France);FIETE,MIEEE,MISTE

Department of Computer Science

College of Engineering Gandhi Institute of Technology and Management , Visakhapatnam

(Affiliated to Andhra University)

  Computer Organization


This course is instructed by Prof. Rao.V.S.MALLADI  for the Graduate students specializing in Computer  Science and Technology At Computer Science and Engineering, IT & MCA Departement,College Of ,GITAM campus, Andhra University, Visakhapatnam 530 045, Andhra Pradesh, INDIA


For this course there are 50 marks for internal assesement and 100 marks for semester end examination.The internal assessment marks are awarded based on 1) the best performance of the student at two mid examinations conducted by me 2)the inquisiteness and motivation to learn and apply the knowledge.The mid-examinations are of duration 90 minutes which are normally conducted during the 6th /7th and 12th/13th weeks of the semester.The question paper for the mid examinations are set by my self.The semester end examination  is of duration 3hours for which the question paper will be set by an external examiner appointed by the University.To qualify at the course students are to get 25marks at the internal assessment and 40 marks at the university examination.


Prescribed text books:

1)Computer System Architecture by M.Morris Mano,Prentice Hall of India Pvt.Ltd., Eastern Economy Edition,Sept. 2002

2)Micro processor Architecture,Programming & Application with the 8085,Ramesh S.Goankar,Penram International Publishing (India)Pvt.Ltd.,Fourth Edition,2002

Reference Book:Computer Architecture and Organization by William Stallings,PHI Pvt. Ltd.,Eastern Economy Edition,2003

Prof.MALLADI will be available to the students

              At Room No.412 Sir Arthur Cotton Bhavan during lecture hours.

              At Room No. 527 Sir C.V.Raman Bhavan during college hours.

              You can contact over telephone (0891)2840333

              You can contact through,


Prof. M.V. Subba Rao


Department of Computer Science,

College of Engineering, GITAM,




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